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Does your training season coincide with cross country in the fall?

Our training season doesn't necessarily need to coincide with cross country in the fall. Students can stop training upon completion of the half marathon in July and for those who are interested in participating in the Chicago Marathon in October, we offer continued training.


Do you provide shoes for the athletes?

We do provide shoes for the students. We also provide running shirts/singlets with our logo. Our organization covers the cost of the items as well as all entries to races and incidentals such as nutrition, etc. This is entirely free for students.


What is the training schedule like?

The training schedule we normally follow is Hal Higdon's Novice 1 Marathon Training program. We meet every Saturday morning alternating between Montrose Beach and 31st Street Beach for our long runs.


Do we need to find volunteers to run with the students?


You do not need to find volunteers to run with the students. However, if you have a point of contact assigned at your school with whom we can communicate, that would be of great help to us. Whether it be you or another employee interested, we would ask that they communicate with the students on their progress of mid-week runs and report back to us of accomplishments and/or any concerns. If that's not a possibility, that's OK, too.


Do you screen the volunteers?


The coaches/mentors of our organization have background checks performed at the beginning of the season. We also carry general liability insurance, similar to a policy for a sports camp.


Are you an approved partner/vendor with CPS?


We are not a partner or vendor with CPS. Our program is completely free of charge to the students who choose to participate.


What type of students do you usually work with?


Our program is for everyone and anyone, not one particular student. We've had students who are seasoned runners and athletes. We've had students who have never run before. We've had students who learned about our group from past students and just showed up to see what it was all about and joined.

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