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Students Run Chicago is completely volunteer-run. Our Board of Directors is made up of enthusiastic runners who not only serve as coaches and mentors to students, but also work hard to raise money, schedule training runs, organize programs, and engage with the larger running community.

The Board's commitment to youth comes from a diverse background of individuals who are parents, teachers, coaches, and professionals of all kinds. You'll find them working throughout the Chicagoland area and running regularly on the lakefront path. 


Some of SRC's Board during an off-season run at the lakefront.

Chad Kasler
Barney Rupp
Marco Galvan (Executive Director)

Marco has been working in the electric power industry as a licensed Professional Engineer for the past 12 years. He moved to Chicago from San Luis Potosi, Mexico when he was 11 years old. Marco is Teo and Leo’s dad, and is thankful for Jamie’s patience and support and for staying home alone with Teo and Leo every Saturday morning during marathon training season. 

Regin Igloria
Kimberly Soriano
Tahiry Cuevas (Treasuer)

Tahiry was born and raised in the northwest side of Chicago. She is a marathon runner, amateur poet, dog mom, daughter of Mexican immigrants, first generation college graduate with a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, older sister, rollercoaster enthusiast, fan of Hot-Cheetos, treasurer of SRC, and high school math teacher. When people ask her why she commits to the intense goal of running a marathon, she loves to show them the SRC team picture. Being an educator is tough, but SRC is the community she returns to every year that reminds her of the greatness of teenagers in Chicago. Running beside her fellow mentors and students is truly an honor to Tahiry.

Kim has been working in healthcare for the past 12 years on a Mother Baby unit as well as training staff on electronic health record software. When she applied to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for the first time, the most she had ever run was a 5K. She told herself if she got in, she'd figure it out. If she didn’t, there would always be next year. She got in and crossed that finish line. Here she is, a few years later, still running and a member of a supportive and encouraging group/family, SRC.

"Take chances and challenge yourself."

After earning an MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business, Barney spent the next 40 years as a retail merchandising executive with three different national retailers. Now retired, Barney's focus is on expanding the reach of Students Run Chicago and also teaching English as a Second Language at Oakton Community College. Having completed over 20 marathons and served for eight years as a Chicago Area Runners Association marathon training Group Leader, Barney is having fun supporting Chicago high school students in achieving difficult running goals and developing into contributing adults.

"I’ve never met a runner who is a bad person.  Do only good, kind people start running…or does running make people good and kind?"

Chad is originally from Michigan, and moved to the city of Chicago in 2013. That same year, he signed up for his first marathon with little knowledge of what he was getting himself into. He completed the race, and has run every Chicago marathon since. Before coming to Chicago, Chad coached middle school track and cross country. This experience helped him understand the benefits that running brings to youth. Chad believes in the mission of Students Run Chicago and knew that he wanted to be a part of a program that provides opportunities to Chicago’s youth. Chad currently works in the banking industry, focusing on compliance and anti-money laundering. On his free time, Chad likes to work on cars and motorcycles, travel, and eat ice cream.

" decision so far."

Regin is a visual artist, educator, and arts administrator who also founded and directs a community bookbinding organization, North Branch Projects. He is the artistic director of the artist residency program, Ragdale, and teaches part-time at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has worked with high school students mostly as a drawing instructor, but spent several summers training and running with them as well. He considers running to be directly related to his ongoing art research, and produces work about the human condition. Regin considers training to be just like any creative endeavor, and he writes about art and athleticism in an ongoing essay series called Best of Seven.

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Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 1.29.44 PM.png

SRC participating in the annual Half Marathon relay hosted by the November Project

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